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As a Jacksonville business owner you have something to say!  That’s not a question, that’s a fact! After all your products, services and solution are why you’re in business in the first place…so why not spread the word? Blogs are all but free advertising, they create fresh content that not only enhances your website, but drives leads, boosts Google page rankings, and keeps customers and potential customers informed and thinking of you when it’s time to buy.

Whether it’s your special offers, competitive difference, community involvement, or industry expertise, your customers want to know what you’re currently offering and to learn more about who they’re thinking of doing business with. You have something to say and a story to tell, so start blogging!


Blogs keep you in the mind of your target audience.

Your customers are flooded with products and services every day. The only way they will ever choose you is if they remember you. The only way they will remember you, is if you are committed to providing them with informative and up to date information that will solve their problems and fill their needs.


Blogs are great way to establish you as an industry expert.

How do you find an expert? If you’re like most people, you Google it! Well written blog and website content can quickly establish you as an industry expert and inform clients that you have the expertise they’re looking for. Blogs are an effective way to offer your audience educational tips and engaging content that will save them time and money, and make their lives easier.


Blogs increase website traffic and Google page rankings (SEO)

Google robots look for new website content 24/7. Each blog you post is new content and will help to increase website traffic and search engine recognition. Each blog should be well written and informative and contain 1 or 2 links to specific pages of your website. Also, by including a few keywords and keyword phrases, you can drive potential customers to connect with your company on topics they are searching for.


I Write Great Blog and Website Content Daily!

So if you’re looking for professional help…give me a buzz.


Let’s Get Started…

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