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It’s Time to Update Your Website Content

The reason you have a website is to increase business, right? Having a successful website requires having fresh, original and relevant website content and updating it regularly. Whether your website was created last week or years ago, if your content isn’t refreshed at least once a year, you’re putting your business, search engine recognition and […]

Content is the Heart of Your Website

A successful web presence is all about providing fresh, accurate and engaging information, which makes content (the written word) the most important element of any website. It’s the reason people visited you, and the thing that Google values most. Writing great website content that connect with customers is an art that requires considerable time and wordsmithing […]

Blogging is Great for Business if You Do It Right

Dollar for dollar blogging is one of the best things you can do to market your business and your website. Blogs are a great way to connect with existing and potential customers and will give the search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing the relevant content they need to reward you website with higher page […]

Updating Website Content on a Regular Basis Will Improve Search Engines Page Rankings

  Every Jacksonville business should have the goal of being number one on search engine rankings. With almost 80% of all website visits starting on the search engines, you can’t afford to ignore and deliver what the search engines are looking for. Search engine robots are extremely smart and spend 100% their time looking for […]

Old Website Content is Guaranteed to Kill Your Website

As any successful online marketer will tell you, having a successful website is all about having fresh, original and relevant web content and updating it on often. I can pretty much guarantee that if you haven’t re-written your website content in the past six months, your clients are bored with the same old, same old, […]

Give Website Visitors and Search Engines the Content They Need To Grow Your Business

  It’s no secret that everyone looks for goods and services online. It’s great to have a beautiful and functional website, but it’s the words you use that sell.  Online readers are inpatient and all but demand informative easy to scan, website content that answers their questions and fills their needs. The Search Engine robots […]

Are Your Website Visitors Reading Your Content?

Website visitors are impatient, easily distracted, and just one click away from leaving your site forever. Once a potential client gets to your site, you need to keep them there by giving them what they want…easy to read, easy to scan, informative web content that answers their questions and fills their needs.   Website Content […]

Isn’t it Time to Update Your Website Content?

  Having success on the internet is all about having fresh, original and relevant web content and updating it on often. Whether your website was created last week or last year if your content isn’t refreshed on an ongoing basis, you’re putting your business and site traffic in serious jeopardy. Simply put, if you want […]

Client Written Content is Still the #1 Reason for Website Development Delays

  Over my 20-year history of writing website content, I can’t tell you how often business owners and web developers have contact me to rescue the content writing process for an online project. It’s a common theme, a business owner want to save money by writing their own content, not realizing just how much time […]

Do you want Reader-Friendly Content?

  Obviously, it’s important to have a great looking, fully functional website, but “It’s not a great website if the words aren’t great! It’s the words that tell client “who you are” and “what you do.” It’s the words that convince clients that you provide value and that they should buy and uses you products […]

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