How to Write Website Content

Unfortunately, website visitors are inpatient. If they don’t see what they’re looking for within seconds, they’ll figure you can’t help them and quickly move on to your competitor’s website. That’s where great website content comes into play. Great online content will quickly communicate “who you are,” “what you do,” “how you offer client value,” and most importantly, “How you can HELP THEM.”

Tips for writing great website content:

Before you start writing, you’ll need a solid plan. Determine your target market. What’s their pain? How can they benefit from using you? What keywords or phrases would they most likely use to find your products, services and solution on the search engines? And, what’s the primary goal for every web page?


  • Start writing, but keep it short and sweet. More is not better when marketing on the internet, blog, or email. Be conversational, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and write as if you’re having a one-on-one conversation with the buyer. Don’t confuse the issue by using 25 cent words or too much industry jargon and don’t overly explain the hard stuff.


  • Keep your web content simple by only communicating one thought per sentence, and keep paragraphs short. (Well that’s two thoughts, but you get the idea).


  • For better search engine rankings, use page specific keywords and keyword phrases, but don’t force them at the cost of sounding like a typical sales person.


  • Write strong headlines that tell the reader what the page all about, and will make them want to read on… Using one keyword in each headline will help customers understand your business message and will help with improved search rankings. (Example: Great Website Content for Jacksonville Businesses)


  • Write informative, benefit-focused Sub-Headlines that site visitors can quickly scan. This can really boost the odds that your page will be read. (Example: Website Content to Grow Your Business).


  • Use bulleted or numbered lists. Lists make content much easier to digest. Even the slightest indention and bullet will draw the reader’s eye and Google likes them too.


  • Calls to action: Site visitors don’t want to have to think when they are browsing your website. They need to be told what to do next. Command-oriented calls to action are crucial to encouraging site readers to take action. (Example: Call: 904.742.8607 for a Free Website Content Consultation Today!).


  • Proofread, proofread and then have someone else proofread. It’s a proven fact that poor grammar, word usage and spelling errors are the quickest way to discourage web visitors from contacting an organization. Avoid the embarrassment and just do it!


  • Get it done. Website developers nationwide list “waiting for client content” as the #1 reason for missed deadlines and launching a new or redesigned website!


We do all of the above and more. So if you’re not a skilled wordsmith or need content writing help, give me a buzz.


Let’s Get Started…I Write Great Website and Blog Content Daily

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